From DNA to Birth Family Tree


DNA2Tree takes the results of your Ancestry DNA Test and quickly analyzes the family trees of a large number of your closest DNA Matches to calculate important data that you can use in your search for an unknown birth parent.

This data is presented in a clear, succinct, and visually pleasing manner providing you with important insights into your birth family tree.


  • Loads DNA Matches

    Quickly loads and analyzes the Pedigree Trees of hundreds of your DNA Matches and displays information about all the people in each tree.
  • Finds Common Ancestors

    Quickly calculates dozens of Most Recent Common Ancestors (MRCAs) of pairs of your DNA Matches. Saves huge amount of time in completing the first critical step in building your birth family tree.
  • Calculates DNA Clusters

    Groups DNA Matches into visual clusters of more closely related people. This allows you to quickly and easily determine which of your DNA Matches come from a specific branch of your birth family tree.
  • Generates GEDCOM files

    Automatically generates a GEDCOM file of your birth family tree for importing into Ancestry. This allows you to quickly and easily create the start of your birth family tree at Ancestry.


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